Beneficiaries Kelly Rice

2020: Kelly Rice

Kelly was shocked with the diagnosis of Stage 4, Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer, less than 2 short weeks ago. Kelly has 2 wonderful teenage children and a great husband by her side, but they could use our support.

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Beneficiaries DePuy family picture

2019: DePuy Family

Mike (Husband/Father) was diagnosed in 2016 with Stage 3 rectal cancer at the age of 39. After multiple surgeries at the University of Michigan, radiation and chemo here at the Cowell Cancer Center, the cancer unfortunately metastasized to his lungs and skin, bumping him to a stage 4 cancer patient.

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Beneficiaries Sean McDonald

2017: Sean McDonald

Sean Adam McDonald, of Traverse City, MI, was diagnosed with non-small cell Stage 4 lung cancer. Sean was the sole provider for his family which consists of his loving wife and 4 beautiful daughters.

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