BeneficiariesKelly Rice

We are happy to announce our 2020 beneficiary, Kelly Rice!

Here’s an excerpt from Kelly’s GoFundMe page:

Kelly Rice is the best friend you could ever have on your side. The best mom in the world. The most caring wife you can imagine. The most thoughtful and loving daughter you could ever ask for. She runs full throttle, working at least 2 jobs, always doing for others, caring for others, and never asking for help. She has more than supported her community for several years through the 4-H program, volunteering with March for Babies, participating in fundraising events such as the Polar Plunge, and several other selfless acts of compassion. She is such a beacon of light to anyone who knows her!

This is our time to shine for her! Kelly was shocked with the diagnosis of Stage 4, Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer, less than 2 short weeks ago. Kelly has 2 wonderful teenage children and a great husband by her side, but they could use our support.

Her husband has unselfishly let go of his job as an over- the- road truck driver to be by her side, and is starting to re-grow his masonry business in the Traverse City area to be at home with his family.

Kelly is still working, but needs to take time off on a regular basis to make it to appointments and care for herself. She is NOT sitting at home, waiting for a cure. She is researching, working, praying, loving her family and hoping for a cure that will answer our prayers.

Please find it in your heart to support Kelly and her family, as financial needs are already beginning to flood in. Thank you for your love, prayers, healing thoughts and generosity to Kelly and her family during this most difficult time!